Consultation 2GW HVDC offshore grid connection system – Documentation

Future offshore wind turbines in the wind farm zone 'IJmuiden Ver' will be connected through 66 kV “inter-array” cables to an offshore 2000 MW AC/DC converterstation from TenneT. The offshore converterstation will be based on HVDC technology. Using 2 GW high voltage (525 kV) export cables the electricity is transported to shore where the DC is converted back to AC again.

To ensure the 2 GW standard has an optimal design from a system perspective TenneT has initiated a consultation process with relevant stakeholders on all relevant interfaces with offshore wind farm developers (OWFs). The documentation below contains the result of this consultation process. The consultation process itself is described in the first file: the concluding report. The position papers per topic include a more in-depth description and substantiation of the positions. 


The RVO website provides information about the tender and permit to develop IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone (IJVWFS).

On you can find all available site data on soil, wind & water conditions and obstructions on IJVWFS 


General questions:

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ONL_TTB-05443_Overview_topics_2_GW_consultation_process.pdf (992 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This concluding report describes the consultation process and it contains the result: a summary of the consulted design options and the final positions on these topics. This report can be used as a reference work of the consultation process. To facilitate readers a summary of the position papers has been added per topic. These summaries are meant to aid in understanding the background of the positions but have not been aligned in the consultation process. The final positions for each topic stem directly from the position papers which have been established in collaboration with all participating stakeholders.

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ONL_TTB-05415_T01_2GW_HVDC_Grid_Design_and_Reliability_Availability_v2.0.pdf (986 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This report describes several key design choices within this previously established framework for the IJmuiden Ver grid connection system.

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ONL_TTB-05430_T02_Grid_Code_V3.0.pdf (468 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes how TenneT deals with the implementation of the HVDC grid code.

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ONL_TTB-05416_T03_Reactive_Power_Strategy_v2.0.pdf (620 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes the distinction in support duties, for the reactive power compensation, by the offshore HVDC platform (TenneT) and the offshore wind farm

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ONL_TTB-05432_T04_Harmonics_V3.0.pdf (916 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the position on how TenneT (will) deal with the harmonics on the offshore grid.

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ONL_TTB-05433_T05_Load_Rejection_v1.0.pdf (363 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes these maximum voltage limits.

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ONL_TTB-05434_T06_OWF_Modelling_for_HVDC_System_Studies_V3.0.pdf (438 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes the indicative planning based on an iterative approach to narrow the envelope of the offshore wind farm (OWF) data.

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ONL_TTB-05417_T07_Voltage_level_and_Frequency_v2.0.pdf (339 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes the position of TenneT with regard to the voltage level and frequency of the offshore grid.

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ONL_TTB-05418_T08_Point_of_Common_Coupling_and_Grid_Connection_Point_v1.0.pdf (358 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

The position paper indicates where the GCP and PCC are located.

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ONL_TTB-05437_T09_Control_and_Protection_design_66_kV_V2.0.pdf (457 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper elaborates on the detailed aspects of the 66 kV switchyard of the converter platform.

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ONL_TTB-05419_T10_Dynamic_DC_cable_rating_V2.0.pdf (467 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes TenneT’s strategy with regard to the export cable rating, which determines for example how much overplanting can be achieved.

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ONL_TTB-05419_T11_J-tubes_and_Number_of_Bays_V3.0.pdf (455 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the number of J-tubes and Gas-insulated Swithgear (GIS) bays

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ONL_TTB-05440_T12_Technical_interface_facilities_for_OWF_V2.0.pdf (503 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This position paper describes the technical interfaces and the interface responsibilities between the OWF owners and TenneT. In addition, it defines the foreseen facilities for the OWF which are provided by TenneT, and it describes the responsibilities between TenneT and the OWF.

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T12_-_Appendix_B_--_Example_Field_Lay_Out_HKZ_Beta__1-10_.pdf (229 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

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T12_-_Appendix_C_--_Example_Cable_Pulling_Methodology.pdf (630 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

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ONL_TTB-05578_T13_Shared_Data_Services__MIVSP__V1.0.pdf (683 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes TenneT's position on the number of sensors and interactions with RWS. Additionally, a clarification is provided of the services offered by RWS and how this will be made available to the OWF developers.

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ONL_TTB-05442_T14_Grid_Forming_OWF_v1.0.pdf (420 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes that the design basis for the Grid Connection System of IJmuiden Ver does not consider the presence of grid forming by wind turbine generators (WTGs) in IJmuiden Ver

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ONL_TTB-05443_T15_Metering_v1.0.pdf (338 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the metering requirements for the inter-array for all PPMs that are connected to TenneT’s offshore substations.

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ONL_TTB-05579_T16_Cable_laying_configurations_and_availability_V3.0.pdf (961 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the different cable laying configurations and their subsequent effect on availability.

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ONL_TTB-05580_T17_Fault_Ride_Through_Performance_V1.0.pdf (366 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes suggestions for fault ride through (FRT) handling and further investigative steps to be taken regarding this subject.

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ONL_TTB-05582_I02_Offshore_testing_and_commissioning_with_OWF_V3.0.pdf (872 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the concluded position on the testing and commissioning schedule

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ONL_TTB-05583_I03_Helideck_and_access_to_platform_V1.0.pdf (360 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes the position on helideck and platform access

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ONL_TTB-05454_I04_Nature_inclusive_design_V1.0.pdf (645 KB, pdf, 19/03/21)

This paper describes several ecology-friendly measures which can be integrated in the offshore grid design as a basic condition

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